Hugh Rigged Man

by TomCAT Character Art in Models


Updated to blender 4

Hugh is a stylized character made in Blender 4. He has a couple outfits and all parts are textured including normals. He has limited adjustable colors for eyes, hair skin and clothing. He also has a fully featured rig to make a range of expressions,and animations are fun to make with the GUI picker. It's amazing to see her come to life. He also has 31 visemes and expressions in bone pose library.

Model information: The model is high resolution and all meshes are UV unwrapped. Each mesh has a subdivision surface modifier so it looks good when rendered.

High detail mesh: Body & Face details 17,300 faces Hair 28,000 faces Coat and shirt 2,300 faces Tactical gear and pistol 5,600 faces Jeans and boots 3,600 faces

Clothes rests over the body mesh. With this strategy, new clothes can be made. Each clothing piece is rigged and textured, and can be toggled on and off in the outliner.

2 outfits with 6 separate clothing items/accessories

please note that the expressions and visemes are saved as a pose library, which uses bones. It does not use blendshapes or shapekeys

ZIP CONTENTS This is what’s included with your purchase.

Hugh_V001.0_Faq.pdf– tips to help with your purchase

BLENDER FOLDER Hugh_029-with-gui-PICKER.blend – Main Blender file, fully rigged with GUI picker & textures Hugh_029-NO-gui-picker.blend - Blender file, fully rigged and textured. Hugh Backup textures – backup of all the texture maps for your character. Hugh Baked Textures – unused baked textures. Autorig Pro Plugins - & Install these free plugins to use the advanced rig features.

FBX FOLDER Hugh with Coat & Hugh with bullet proof vest versions. Full face rig & partial face rig versions. high resolution 126,000 faces (because applied sub-d’s). Hair has duplicates & flipped surfaces (Help with hair transparency). No shapekeys. Textures not attached. (Saved in included textures folder).
Not tested in other programs.

Hugh_028b-coat.fbx Hugh_028b-coat-with-face.fbx Hugh_028b-vest.fbx Hugh_028b-vest-with-face.fbx

OBJ FOLDER Hugh with both outfits. No rig. high resolution 126,000 faces (because applied sub-d’s). Hair has duplicates & flipped surfaces (Help with hair transparency). No shapekeys. Textures not attached.
Smooth groups. Normals. VU’s. Mtl file. Not tested in other programs.

Hugh_028c.obj Hugh_028c.mtl

Textures: 59 in total. All needed texture types such as diffuse, specular, normal, bump, etc.. 4096*4096 for main textures like body and hair. Other textures like the clothing, eyes and teeth are smaller.

Rig information: The limbs are made with 1 bone setups with a twist bone so it helps avoids the candy wrapper effect. The rig has many features like IK/FK switches, eye and head lock, elbow pinning, foor roll hip roll and an illustrated GUI Picker and more. For all of the features to work, it requires the INCLUDED plugins. The rig was made with Autorig Pro. It's a great rig to work with. 

*Free version of the Autorig Pro plugin for blender is in the Autorig Pro Plugin folder that comes with your purchase. With the free plugins, all the rig features work *

Published 6 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Manifold-Mesh, Rigged, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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