Hot Pot Restaurant Combination

by fengjunxuan in Models

This is a Chinese hot pot restaurant supplies model asset pack I made with blender. The previous version only had 12 sets of models, now I have increased the number of models to more than 60 sets, models in a retro style, but also modern kitchen equipment and dining room appliances.

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Previous versions of the file contain:

1、Wooden bar and wine cabinet;

2、8 square hot pot table;

3、8 people round hot pot table;

4、4 square hot pot table;

5、90's style sofa combination;

6、simple style coffee table;

7、Kitchen set;

8、Beverage freezer;

9、seasoning table;

10、central air conditioning outlet;

11、90's style fluorescent lamp, chandelier;

12、LED track light.

New content in the new version:

1、stainless steel 2 people hot pot table;

2、stainless steel 4 people hot pot table;

3、stainless steel 8-person hot pot square table;

4、stainless steel 8-person hot pot round table;

5、2 types of screens;

6、2 kinds of hot pot restaurant service desk;

7、4 people sofa hot pot seat;

8、Back-to-back sofa seats;

9、marble 8 people hot pot square table;

10、wooden frame marble 4 people hot pot table, with table food rack;

11、wooden frame marble 8 people hot pot square table;

12、wooden frame marble 8 people hot pot round table;

13、children's entertainment tables and chairs;

14、bamboo pot;

15、landing retro umbrella;

16、2 kinds of retro lantern strings;

17、wicker sofa;

18、wicker preparation coffee table;

19、Straw hat and dustpan model;

20、wicker lantern preparation;

21、Chinese flower drum style seat combination;

22、kitchen operating table (with lockers and desktop storage rack version);

23、cold drink display cabinet (horizontal);

24、hanging menu display;

25、electric steamer;

26、electric noodle cooking machine;

27、four-door vertical refrigerator;

28、double-door horizontal refrigerator (with operation table);

29、horizontal refrigerator (upward glass sliding door version);

30、Electric cookie maker;

31、3 empty stainless steel kitchen sink;

32、popcorn machine;

33、ice cream machine;

34、simple stainless steel 4 people table stool;

35、simple wooden 4-person table and stool;

36、double stainless steel 8-person hot pot square table;

37、double stainless steel 6 people hot pot long table;

38、wooden semicircular 6-person hot pot booth;

39、used to wrap the column square punching table (with ceiling light);

40、with a light box and a self-service dish table;

41、vertical double-door small beverage refrigerator;

42、3 shapes of wooden bar;

43、two sizes of wooden vintage wine cabinet;

44、a complete set of retro bar combination (including: 2 types of bar, 2 types of chandelier, hollow wine cabinet, retro ceiling and screen);

45、Gorgeous Chinese vintage chandelier.


Both models and textures were created using blender.

File format: blend

File size: 695MB

Running memory: 2.96GB

Number of vertices: 5457086

Number of polygons: 5433437

Extended version data:

File format: blend

File size: 3.31GB

Running memory: 26.12GB

Number of vertices: 17185463

Polygon count: 17,285,199

Sales 10+
Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Manifold-Mesh, Rigged, Animated, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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