Home Furnishings Pack

by Jeremy Johnson in Models

Here is a set of 32 individual household items to furnish your scenes quickly and cleanly. These include some of the most commonly used objects and appliances of most household environments, such as stools, a kettle, a toaster, a knife block set and even a kitchen sink, to name a few.

The meshes are moderately dense enough to display neat edges and smooth curves, without being too heavy on rendering intensely busy scenes. All models come with BSDF and image textures UV unwrapped, applied and ready to go.

Why buy this set?

Well, you could buy each item individually for anything from $3 to $103 EACH, depending on the seller and detail to modelling, or buy all 32 items here for only $18 and have a very full collection at hand, in one set, in one folder, pre textured and ready to append.

Some sellers prefer to sell one item at a very high price and get very few sales, whereas I prefer to sell a lot of items at a low price and get a lot of sales. It just seems more reasonable for myself and a bargain for the buyer.

Published about 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.92
License Royalty Free
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