Modeling Hex Muscles In Blender

by Armored Colony in Training


This is a step by step modeling and rendering tutorial on how to create the Hex Cyber Muscles you see in the cover. The tutorial runs at normal speed with real-time narration of everything I'm doing, starting from a blank scene to the final product image.

DISCLAIMER: I used a paid addon for Blender called Curve Basher to generate the cables coming out of the tips but you can still follow along using this vanilla blender technique:



  • Modeling the Hexagonal pattern.
  • Using deformers to re-shape the pattern.
  • Better performance with Collection Instances.
  • Curve Basher's "Wire Generator Tool".


  • Super simple render setup (nothing fancy).
  • Basic Materials (again, nothing fancy).


  • Make a basic render look awesome with Filters and Adjustment Layers (Depth of Field, Sharpness, Contrast, etc...).


Duration: Aprox 1 hour of video recordings in realtime. The process is really fast once you know how to do it.

Speed: The tutorial runs at normal speed (there's a couple of obvious time lapses like when rendering the final image in keyshot or when I encounter an ultra repetitive process).

Audio Commentary: Live commentary as I work on the project (English).

Software used: Blender (Modeling), Keyshot (Rendering), Affinity Photo (Post Effects).

Additional Assets: Blender Scene, Keyshot Scene, Affinity Photo Project.

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Published about 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.93
License Creative Commons
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