Hd Realistic Mars

by Eibriel in Models

Textured & Rigged realistic (and accurate) Mars model

Based on scientific data, this model can easily be added to your scene, with a simple rig and a custom shader.

Mars is approximately half the diameter of Earth, and it's average distance from the Sun is roughly 230 million kilometers. But now you can download it directly into your Blender scene!


Color and bump 6k textures based on real data, 5760 pixels width and 2880 pixels hight, ensuring sharp details on HD (and 4K on a wide view) covering its 144,798,500 km2 of surface.


Simple rig for the planet, the camera and the light, with custom bone shapes for clear recognition of element position and rotation.


Simple shader with controls on Mars atmosphere, even when it's just 200km hight (0,02 times the Earth's atmosphere)