Hd Realistic Earth

by Jonathan Lampel in Models

Need a realistic pale blue dot?

This Earth model has 32k textures, a volumetric atmosphere with physically correct Rayleigh scattering, and a sun control that dynamically adjusts the shader's day/night transition. 

Since you may not always need such high resolution, 16k, 8k, 4k, and 2k map variations are also included. 

The largest bump map included is 10k. I found sources for several 32k normal maps and a 20k bump map, but due to poor compression and low bit depth, they were not usable. If you find a source for a higher resolution one that I can legally use, I'll be happy to stitch it together and update the product! The 20k TIF file is plenty detailed for most uses, but I will have to recommend grabbing this one if you need any ultra close up shots.