Hard Surface Detailer

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Do I need my geometry to be only quads in order for the add-on to run?

Your geometry does not need to be fully quadded out for the script to run but details will not be generated on triangles and ngons . Triangles and ngons will however still receive the material and should not stand out too much.

The parameters are all reset to their default value when I change modify one, is this a bug?

If you just installed the add-on and tried using it right away, try restarting Blender first.

How do I use the "mono_UVs" to make my material more interesting ?

When using the add-on with the "Hull" or "High frequency" styles, a UV set named "mono_UVs" will be added to your mesh.

You can access the mono_UVs in the shader editor by adding an "Input"->"UV Map", then click the text field of the box that appeared. You should see "UVMap" (the default UVs) and "mono_UVs". Select "mono_UVs" and use the output in your material the way you want.

Here is a simple example: 

My geometry exploded when I applied the hull/plate style, what should I do?

You probably applied the style on a very small geometry, try reducing the plate separation thickness and depth.

I installed and activated the add-on but I can't see the "Detailer" panel

The "Detailer" panel only shows up in a 3D view that is in "Edit Mode".

If you still don't see it, put the cursor over the 3D view and press N to show the right side menu.

I don't have as many materials to choose from as in the demo video. How can I get more materials?

The add-on doesn't come with materials, it's sole purpose is to generate geometry. It also gives you a few handy UV sets to be able to create interesting materials yourself. What you saw in the demo video were materials that I created myself to show what could be done with these UV sets. The add-on allows you to choose any of the materials that you added to your scene, but you have to add them yourself.

I understand that this might be frustrating if you understood that you would get these materials along with the add-on. So I just added the file that I used to create the demo video to the package. You can get it by downloading the package again. 

Inside, you will find materials that I used for the demo video as well as the spaceship model before and after using the add-on.

Use the "Append" tool to add these to your scene from this file.

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