Handlebar 3D Metallic Car Paint Shader And Asset Library Bundle

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The Handlebar 3D Metallic Car Paint Shader and Asset Library Bundle

I know this isn't the first car paint shader you have come across. I bought them all as well and was never satisfied with the results. After months of refinement I had finally developed one that was easy to use, looked very beautiful, and worked with CAD data out of the box (Just make sure your scale is at 1) . Their is nothing particular special about my shader, it is based around the same logic others use. I just refined it and packaged it into a simple to use library. 

Over 100 Different Paint to choose from

Technically its 102, but that's still alot right? 

  • 19 Basic Car Paints
  • 16 Car Wraps
  • 18 Color Shifting Car Paints
  • 43 Metallic Car Paints
  • 6 Procedural examples

Easy to use Shader- No UV unwrapping necessary 

I made the shader so I can easily adjust my paints without thinking about any numbers or what the settings are. I made all the inputs go from 0-1 and the change is based on predefined limits. 

The only thing you need to worry about is what the perfect flake color and metallic shine makes your concept car pop. 

Color Shifting Paint, Rainbow Paint, Glitter flakes, if it shifts color, it's here too. 

Did I mention theirs smudge and damage too

You like living a little on the dirty side, I get it, that's why I added smudge and clear coat damage controls to add any material map you want. 

Don't got damage and smudge texture? no worries, I also made procedurally generated damage maps ;) 

Update: Before all you had to do is slide the damage and smudge bar to make it show up but that caused Eevee to run very slowly. Remember to connect the texture nodes in the shader editor to use these maps. 

Asset File doubles as a thumbnail maker

Make your own paints and save the custom thumbnails so it's easy to see how the paint looks in a cars form.

Bonus HDRI favorites Pack

Some of my favorite HDRI's are included in a simple to install bundle pack as well. These are all from Polyhaven.com so you can find them in higher resolutions there. 

Bug Fixes:

Eevee would be much slower because I left the procedural smudge and damage map connected by default. So it would calculate the texture even if you aren't using it. 

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Published about 2 years ago
Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
License Royalty Free
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