Gun Barrel Generator

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Gun Barrel Generator - Geometry Nodes System

Create a realistic gun barrel with this 100% procedural, customizable geometry nodes system!

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Procedural Customizable Muzzleflash System   50% off !

There are certain objects you just dont want to model by hand. This is one of them. 
Make your life easier the next time you model a realistic gun. Just play around with the settings and create the perfect gun barrel.

You can customize everything!
Adjust every single diameter, length, and width that you can possibly change on a rifle barrel. You can even add twisted grooves, threads and a chamber for your specific rounds! Endless possibilities!

Not sure if you should buy it? 

 Completely procedural

✅ Fully customizable 

✅ Good topology

✅ Low and high poly possible

✅ Easy to use

 Example file with instructions

✅ Always gets updated to the next blender version

✅ Free lifelong updates

 And also.... You can save yourself a lot of time

Twisted grooves? Of course! More grooves? No problem. No grooves? Also no problem. 

The settings

So many possibilities!

All these settings can be a bit intimidating, I know.
However, every single one of these settings is there to give you ultimate creative freedom

To bring some clarity to the settings, individual components of the rifle barrel are divided into groups, which are separated by text boxes.

Customize even more!
You can turn individual parts of the barrel on and off and change the resolution to even get low poly models for games!

No overlapping!

Individual settings are interdependent to prevent overlap and bad topology. So you don't have to worry about that anymore! As soon as one diameter gets too close to the other, it simply scales accordingly!

What about materials?

Of course, it is possible to give each individual element of your gun barrel its own material!

Procedural = Bad topology?
Since you want to include the gun barrel you just created in your own model, I did my best to provide you with some good topology.
You can even bevel it with a bevel modifier while playing with the sliders to see the final result! 

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The Download Files

The download includes a file with the "Gun Barrel Generator" object, which you can then transfer to your own scenes. 
If you buy the "Barrel & Muzzleflash Bundle" you will get an additional file, with the "Muzzleflash" object.

Have fun with the system! 


Please first look at the FAQ. I always update it. If you have a common problem, there is a chance, that there is already an answer for you.
If you still have any questions or problems with it, feel free to contact me and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful day!

Made with Blender 3.4

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