Guitar Hero Asset

by Slick3d in Models

  • Scene file description: This .blend file was created in Blender 2.8 beta. The scene is to be rendered with the Cycles Render Engine.  OBS: This is a heavy model (2163604 polys) with a huge amount of 2k and 4k textures, and Blender is still in Beta, Using the Lookdev may crash Blender. This file is to be used exclusively with Cycles Render Engine. For the same reason, the first preview render is more slow to load textures and geometry. After the first time, the preview render runs more smoothly. All depends of the computer power.
  • Model description: The Uv's are UDIMS. There's an UDIM group node to assign the textures to the correct uv tile. This group node can be used in other projects of course:

An UDIM group node which can handle many different projects.

The Guitar UV Layout:

UDIMs from tile 1001 to 1026 ensures high quality textures.

The UDIM group node being applied:

The UDIM group node being used to assign Basecolor, Roughness, Metallic and Normal textures to a Principled Shader node.

All the textures are packed in the .blend file.

There's an empty which is the parent of all geometry. I decided to maintain the geometry splited because in this way it would be easy to change textures, shaders and the own geometry as desired: