Growingvine - Animates The Growth Of Vines, Growing Vine

by rACP in Modifier Setups

What is GrowingVine?

To create vines and animate their growth. The growth of the trunks and leaves can be controlled. With 2 versions, one for vines that advance on a flat surface and another that advances without a surface. Powered by GeometryNodes.

Easy to use, you just have to create a curve, apply the GeometryNodes, adjust the parameters, and animate them.

4 simple steps

1.- Create the path the vine will follow using a Curve.

2.- Apply the GrowingVine GeometryNodes modifier.

3.- Adjust the parameters to make the vine the way you want it.

4.- Animate the desired parameters.

Two versions

-GrowingVine - For it to grow without a specific surface.

-GrowingVine Wall - Designed to crawl on a flat surface.


-Some leaves overlap each other. This can only be partially corrected. At minute 7:49 of the video tutorial, it is explained how.
-The rotation of the leaves on surfaces with very pronounced angles is not correct. It is not in line with the surface Normals.  15:13

Video Tutorial

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Blender Version 4.0, 3.6
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