Growing Fruits - Geo Nodes Curve Asset Pack

by Cheuqs in Modifier Setups


- All fruits are in collections and are hidden and disabled for better performance opening the file, just make sure you enable the viewport and render buttons to see the fruits (keep the instance collection hidden unless editing them)

- All the geo nodes and materials are setup to be animated and rendered, rotation, growth, scale, and color settings are all on the geo nodes side panel named accordingly

- Every fruit is based off of a Bezier curve so you can draw any shape of make a branch or even just have 1 vertice/curve point and it will generate a single bunch of that fruit (Keep in mind the bigger the curve the less performance)

- If you are more advanced in geo nodes or just want to learn more on the node systems, all the nodes are framed/grouped and named for easy adjustments if the presets don't fit your needs 


- All the systems are built off instancing so you may have some fruits intersecting, there is a fix though. All you need to do is adjust the rotation of whatever is intersecting or move the curve around a bit and see what works (can also change camera angle)

- Some fruits like the strawberries and raspberries are the most intensive as they are the most dense and have instancing on the fruit, I found that they still render at a reasonable time though (nothing is realized in the nodes)

- All materials are custom made procedurally in blender and leaf textures are generated through Midjourney (not 100% realistic leaf patterns)

- When rotating the curve in edit mode it will change the downwards position of all the berries and stems (use this if you want a branch going u and berries coming down), if rotated in object mode the whole system will rotate together 

 No licenses apply, use freely!

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