Ground Texture Pack #1

by tmkdigital in Surfacing

Three Ground Textures Full of Character! (Full Specification Below)

1. Mossy Gravel

2. Snowy Grass

3. Mossy Rocks

Before Purchase:

  • Microdisplacement in Blender is still experimental
  • Have decent GPU VRAM.
  • Avoid edges and seams.
  • Avoid using two microdisplaced materials on same geometry object.
  • Harsh lighting may give you a bit weird shadows, so you need to adjust the maps and lighting until you have something pleasing.
  • Be strategic with camera placement. In certain angles materials look better.
  • If your scene requires e.g. every strand of grass or leaf to pop out, you may need to look towards particle system with an actual mesh. 
  • You can always photoshop out problematic areas, I often do that.

Product Specification:

  • 3 Textures Set up in Blender - Mossy Gravel, Snowy Grass & Mossy Rocks 
  • 4K Seamless 
  • Photographed and Prepared in Substance Designer
  • Each Material comes with Ambient Occlusion, Base Color, Roughness, Metalic, Normal and Height Maps.
  • Included height Tiff Maps without any blur, use only if you are a total pro!

Additional Information:

  • *I recommend at least 2GB card to render at 2px.

Mossy Rocks Render Material Benchmark:
2px - VRAM Memory used: 950mb
1px - VRAM Memory used: 2260mb

You can always render with CPU if you are out of CUDA Memory.

Example renders using these textures:

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Blender Version 2.78, 2.79
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