Granite Material Pack (Eevee+Cycles)

by ChrisP in Surfacing

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  • Peter Nebelong
    over 3 years ago

    I think I should inform that ChrisP doesn't provide updates to his shaders but releases them as new products. This is very much contrary to other add-ons for Blender and makes it a quite more expensive product and for a relatively uncomplicated shader it is not worth it in my view.

    • Christof Prenninger

      over 3 years ago

      Hi Peter, I think I should inform you it is no secret that my GOLD tier patrons get all material packs with all upgrades and if you want/need upgrades, that might be the better solution for you.
      Blender is changing rapidly and unless you sell thousands of copies of an add-on for $50 and up, there is no way providing free upgrades is sustainable. In this regard and your "expensive product" remark it is also time to point out that after the blendermarket fees, the contribution to the dev fund and taxes in my country I end up with about €3 per sale of a $9.90 product. How many free upgrades do you get for ANY €3 product anywhere!?
      Also: I have added the new version for Blender 2.92 to this product now so you can download it FOR FREE and I will remove this old version from blendermarket as soon as 2.92 beta is out.
      I kindly ask you to revise your rating. Thank you.

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