[Gn] Procedural Roof Generator

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  • Added a better documentation here on blendermarket that explains roof creation and roof profile creation.
  • Modifier automatically dissolves unused edges to clean up the input mesh. Make sure you still prepare your mesh accordingly (documentation) and keep it clean.
  • A new SCALE_TILES slider allows you to dynamically make tiles smaller or bigger without changing the input mesh.
  • Better modifier UI.
  • Distinction between multicolored and unicolored materials.
  • Extrusion of the adjacent wall is better for type 1.
  • Better storing and deleting of attributes.
  • A new roof style


  • Adjusted some default parameters.
  • Small changes


  • The ridge is now always facing in the right direction - downwards and outwards.
  • Simplified the Nodetree and deleted unnecessary duplications of subgroups. This makes it easier to use custom tile shapes.
  • Optional supports can now be added at the edges of the roof.
  • Fill mode for adjacent wall
  • Slider to offset tiles upwards/downwards
  • Randomness options (Rotation, Position)


This Geometry Node setup uses your rudimentary input mesh and converts it into a complex roof, consisting of fully modeled and textured ridge and tile parts. It is great for getting fast and dynamic results for an otherwise tedious task. The modifier and your creations can be stored in the asset browser.



This file includes 5 different roof styles and 5 different texture variants. You can freely combine both parameters in the modifier. You can even create your own color variations by duplicating one of the existing materials and editing the color ramp node "SPECTRUM" that sepcifies the tile colors:


The "Stylize" slider can be found in the geometry node modifier and seamlessly alters the textures from a plain/grounded look to a more stylized and exciting one, introducing dirt and more extreme roughness variation.


You can combine this with a bevel modifier, to add beautiful edges to the geometry. Make sure to apply bevel after the roof modifier. Here are the recommended bevel settings:


Initially, keep the geometry simple and dissolve all faces, edges and vertices that are unnecessary. Instead of detailing the input shape, add your personal touch AFTER applying the modifier, which you can do without losing texture coordinates or destroying the mesh. After that it is recommended to use soft selections to distort the mesh.


This purchase will include all future updates!

Blender 4.0
Once Blender 4.0 releases, an update will add a new functionality to the generator: You will have the option to add inside components to your roofs:


My procedural drainage gutter system is another product that works really well in combination with the roof generator. You can find it here.

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