Geo-Nodes Library (G1/G2)

by AarchAranya in Modifier Setups

The Geo-Nodes Library is a continuously growing collection of geometry nodes helpers, visualizers, converters, generators & utility setups (alongwith numerous presets) primarily useful for architectural, interior, landscape & urban design & visualization. Nodegroups & setups are added on a regular basis. All updates/additions to the respective Collections are free.

The underlying purpose of the Library is educational & the intent is to Explore, Learn & Create. Each node-group is provided with a demo setup to explore & understand their non-destructive functionality. Additionally, some node-groups have multiple pre-sets included in the demo setups. Hopefully, this will go some way to uncover the mystery (!) underlying the Geometry Nodes modifiers & help you get familiar & friendly with Geometry Nodes.

Currently, there are two collections of nodegroups - G1 & G2, with over 125 setups in all.

Collection G1 includes over 75 setups.

Collection G2 includes over 50 setups in addition to all the nodegroups from Collection G1. (Total over 125 setups)

The blend files are updated for ver 4.0

All feasible node-groups are asset-browser ready.

Your feedback is appreciated & welcome.

Lookout for regular updates to the Library.

Happy Noodling & Happy Blending.


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