Gh Pixelizer V.1.2.5 | Blender Pixelization Tool

by ghostWDFR in Addons


What's new?

Texture Editing Sample:

pixelated PBR texture-set

Video Samples:

1. glenatron - Little Tokyo

2.quaz30 - Cyberpunk Holocom Booth

3.akasaki1211 - Kyoka

4. AntijnvanderGun - Stylized WW1 Plane

5. noahbmnn - DAE Villages | Chinese Festival Store

P.S. All authors are described.

This is addon made up as a fully working tool, 
that can allow you to make retro textures and animations.

Effects visualization:


Additional Assets

Also for better usage, in the new update was added assets for making animations or applying pixelated filters to any kind of input (video / photo / sequence).
They includes a few planes with different unvrapped UVs, and that allows avoid mismatches in dithering effects to correct aspect ratio.


This tool can make pixelated texture based on yours texture with applying dithering masks and other parameters in real time.

This addon can make:
1. PBR Texture baking
2. Making Stylized any kind of input (video, photo, photo sequence)
3. Supports alpha
4. You can add Special node to the compositor too.

Go to "Documentation page to take a look at all functions!




  • Fixed bugs and issues in material's menu
  • Added animated dithering
  • Added dithering details
  • Added dithering rotation
  • Functions in material was reordered to better usage
  • Fixed bugs with aspect ratios
  • Added vertical 9/16 screen for video/photo editing



  • Fixed bugs and issues in material's menu
  • Added Dithering Rotation



  • Now it's a addon with a good menu.