Geometrynodes Labels For Blender 3.3

by Blenderthings in Modifier Setups

Labels is a geometrynodes setup that helps you labeling in Blender. Labels is an efficient and intuitive way to label your scene with the power of Blender. With a few clicks and little effort, you'll get labels!

Here is a quick introduction.

Labels help you keep your screen free from clutter and let you focus on what's important. Label your content by color, size, icon, or any attribute.

You can easily drag and drop from the asset browser with a few clicks. The asset browser saves you time and lets you create and save labels in no time at all to reuse labels for your production.

A Label can be pinned to any object so that it stays in the same orientation. Labels can also be pinned in any part of the screen so they stay there and don't get lost with other objects.

Labels is a new way to decorate blender scenes, with labels that can stick to objects or to your camera-window, you easily describe what the viewer sees! Labels is made for everyone- novice Blender artists and veterans alike.

Labels are never a problem with this purchase

Labels is best used with Blender 3.3. as the new Curve Tools provide better evaluation of curves.

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