Geometry Script

by Carson Katri in Addons

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A scripting API for Blender's Geometry Nodes:

What is Geometry Script?

Geometry Script is a robust yet easy to use Python API for creating Geometry Nodes with code.

At a certain point, Geometry Node trees become unmanageably large. Creating node trees in Python enables quicker editing and reorganization of large, complex trees.

Geometry Script has all of the performance and capabilities of Geometry Nodes, but in a more manageable format. The scripts are converted directly to Geometry Node trees making them easy to tweak for others unfamiliar with scripting.

What can it do?

Geometry Script can be used to create any node tree possible with Geometry Nodes. Here are some examples of things built with Geometry Script:

Cloth Simulation

See the code

Voxelize Mesh

Follow the tutorial

City Builder

Follow the tutorial

And so much more!

Try building something with Geometry Script to see how it maps your code to nodes!


Check out the documentation to learn how Geometry Script works, and all of the details on using it.

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