Geometry Nodes Starfield & Motion Lines

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How to use it:

There are two collections: GeoN_Starfield and GeoN_Motion _lines. They are ready to use, just tweak parameters in the modifier tab. 

Note: if you have a old computer, avoid raising density too fast to prevent the number of points getting very high. 

Motion_Lines parameters (Starfield is just a simpler version of it):

Sphere_Radius: size of the emitter surface

Half-Sphere: switch to an half-sphere emitter. 

Point_Density: point density is relative to the emitter surface so if you raise or shrink it, the number of point will follow.

Kill_points: reduce the number of points randomly. Useful to animate appearance\disappearance effect, or adjuting visible points without changing density.

Rotation: rotate line instances on XYZ axis

Line_radius: base Thickness of the lines

Line_Length: base length of the lines

Minimum_Size: small size will be randomized around this value

Maximum size: large size will be randomized around this value

Magnitude: increase or decrease the gap between the largest and smallest sizes.

Tangent: align instances to emitter surface. 

Material: material assigned to the instances. 

Seed: Change all random values

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