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Scifi_Squares are basically a grid pattern generator based on instances and some procedural features. The main limitation is it must be set on a geometry with squares faces. Nevertheless, it can gives good results to some extent on non-squares faces since it is possible to use face centers and face corner, as well a surface scattering.

It includes:
- recursive subdivision feature
- about 150 mesh instances
- procedural features 

It has been updated to Blender 3.6.4, enhanced and cleaned up (materials, geometries, pivots, transforms).

Possibilities for such a node system are vast: Sci-fi, architecture, motion design, abstract design, etc... For instance, You can use it to achieve a Star Wars imperial destroyer look, or an electronic motherboard look by tinkering a bit. As the main nodes all come in modules, they can be set up or even rebuild as will. 


How to use it:

There are two main node setups: Scifi_Simple_Squares and Scifi_Recursive_Squares. The second being based on recursive subdivision, plus many options, while the first is based on simple subdisvision only. Simple is better for beginners to get familiar with this kind of node setup.

Check scene examples. I advice to start with setting the subdivision level first, then adding layers of instances from bottom to top of the modifier. 

You can pick the whole instance collection (squares or rounds) or move some up to the selected instances collections. They will randomly be placed on your geometry vertices, centers, corners depending on the case.

If you want one mesh more frequently than others, duplicate it as much as needed and add it to the same collection. Min and Maw instances index is another way of choosing instances by their sort order. 

Shader ball
Empty_Instance. This collapsed Cube has only a single vertex, it won't be rendered. Use it if you want to randomize a lack of instances instead of probability. 


License: for students or hobbyists, not for commercial use. 
Although they were heavily edited, I used some free objects from various sources as instances. I lost track of their origin, respective authors (many thanks to them by the way) and license preferences.


Sébastien Garnier
May 2024

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Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 2 months ago
Blender Version 3.6
License Editorial
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