Bolt Gen - Geometry Nodes Rivet/Bolt Generator

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Creating complex bolt patterns on hard surface assets is an extremely time consuming and frustrating process. BUT NO MORE.

This tool is designed to speed up the process of creating bolts and rivets on hard surface models. 


Extract or extrude out whatever edges you want to have bolts/rivets on.

Then bring in the node group using either of these two options:
1) add it to your asset browser (see youtube for how to do this. Drag and drop it from your asset library onto your edges you want bolts on.
2) file > append > boltGen.blend > nodeTree > boltGen. Now your scene will contain the node group. With the node group added to your scene, select the edges you want bolts scatted on, add a geometry node modifier, and browse to the newly appended node group on the modifier.

Select what bolt/rivet  you want instanced in the geometry node modifier. (making sure the object is oriented correctly on the Z axis)

Select object/surface you want the bolts to align to. (if you want to align the system to a curved surface like an aircraft for example.)

Customize the scale/rotation/spacing. (there is the option to add in random scale and rotation if needed)

Enjoy your non destructive bolt system and enjoy the hours of painstaking work you just avoided. 

Change Log:
- Added a shrinkwrap option in the node group so that if you are placing bolts/rivets on to a mesh that is being subdivided, the edge will shrinkwrap to the surface to prevent instances from floating.

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