Geometry Nodes Procedural Planet Generator

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A fully procedural planet generator for all your sci-fi scene needs! This combination of geometry nodes and textures allows you to easily create procedural realistic planets from scratch.

How it Works: 

The setup uses geometry nodes to output attributes into textures, allowing you to control the planet shader from the modifier stack. The textures are generated fully procedurally with a combination of Noise, Voronoi, and Math nodes. 


Planet Scale - Controls the scale of the planet. 

Subdiv Level - Controls the amount of subdivisions applied to the planet. 

Continent Scale - Controls the size of continents.

Continent Offset - Controls offset of continents. 

Island Scale - Controls the size of islands. 

Island Offset - Controls the offset of islands. 

Small River Offset - Controls offset of small rivers.

Large River Offset - Controls the offset of large rivers. 

Water Color - Controls color of water.

Water Coverage - Controls the amount of the planet's surface covered with water.

Forest Color - Controls color of forest biome.

Grassland Color - Controls color of grassland biome.

Desert Color - Controls color of desert biome. 

Desert Coverage - Controls coverage of Desert relative to other biomes. 

Forest Coverage - Controls coverage of Forest relative to other biomes. 

Atmosphere Depth - Controls distance from the surface the atmosphere ends. 

Atmosphere Density - Controls thickness of atmosphere. 

Atmosphere Color - Controls tint of atmosphere. 

Cloud Offset - Controls offset of clouds. 

Clouds Color - Controls color of clouds. 

Cloud Coverage - Controls coverage of clouds. 

Bump Scale - Controls the strength of surface displacement.


To use, simply append the geometry nodes network into your BLEND file, and add geometry nodes to any object. 

Coming Soon:

- Better River Controls

- Snow Biome

- Mountain Generation 

- Eevee Atmosphere Support

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