Geo Sign - Signs Generator

by Casey_Sheep in Modifier Setups

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  • Aaron
    3 months ago

    It takes a bit to learn but there are plenty of resources. Amazing addon. Combine this addon with something like the Render Raw addon, and itโ€™s really amazing.

  • 111cheep
    8 months ago

    Works great.

  • Gary Falcon Lang
    9 months ago

    Great addon, lots of variables to change. Seller support helped me in orders of magnitude above what I expected. Spent time making a video for me detailing steps to take to achieve an outcome. Even sent me a blend file ready to append. The experience was genuinely exceptional!

  • Trevor
    10 months ago

    Great Addon, Easy to use! Had issues with a couple of materials, that were fixed pretty quickly. Good Customer Support as well!

  • Gary Matthews
    10 months ago

    Super Neon sign creator, recommended

  • Andrew
    10 months ago

    The plugin is extremely powerful! - also just as important, the creator is super responsive and kind! Highly highly recommend!

  • Jack
    10 months ago

    This addon is seriously awesome! I swiftly created an entire street of signs. And when I reached out to the developer with questions, they responded promptly. Seriously, this addon rocks!

  • Frank Hilton
    10 months ago

    This addon a a great idea. It has lots of functionality. However, I rated it 4 stars because..
    1) Documentation is very sparse and videos have no narration.
    2) This addon is sluggish because of the Sign Bracket's displacement modifier material. I did contact support and he said that the displacement will be removed in next update.
    3) This addon is kind or quirky in how it does things. Dev says he think about some changes on how too handle assets, colors and a few other things.

    Over, no major bugs, just weird "non blender standard" implementation on how things are done. Of cource this addon uses both Geometry Nodes and an addon front end, there is a lot of complex things going on. Once you figure it out (I had help from dev)... it is a nifty addon.

    The support was good, responsive within 12 hours and polite.

    I was going to have this refunded, but once the dev explained some thing I decided to keep it and see what updates will be ahead.

    • Casey Sheep

      10 months ago

      Thank you for your feedback. Regarding the first point about documentation, I'll be working on updating it over the next few days.

      For the second point, the issue has been resolved in the recent 1.0.3 update released earlier today.

      As for the third point, I've utilized the best approach I could find during the extensive two to three months of development. However, due to limitations in Blender's GeoNode functionality, I won't be able to come up with a better solution until Blender itself provides updates in this regard.

      I appreciate your input; it's valuable for improving GeoSign's functionality. ๐Ÿ˜„

  • jan975
    10 months ago

    This addon has saved me a significant amout of work time. It's truly worth every penny

  • BVBY
    10 months ago

    its saving my alotta times! so sweet !

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