Generate Bars: 3D Data Visualization And Comparison Addon For Blender (Pro Version)

by Data4People in Addons

Generate Bars is a user-friendly Blender Addon designed for both beginners and experienced users. It allows you to create beautiful and easy-to-understand 3D comparison videos in minutes, not hours.

Instructional Video


1. Free and Pro Versions: Offers a basic free version and an advanced pro version with more features.

2. Easy Installation: Simple installation process through Blender's add-on preferences.

3. One-Click Bar Generation: Quickly generate data bars in the 3D view with a single click.

4. CSV Data Import: Import custom data using a CSV file for personalized visualizations.

5. Customizable Bar Size: Adjust the size of the bars based on data values.

6. Image File Integration: Option to add image textures to the bars using filenames from the CSV.

7. Country Name Display: Ability to show country names or other two-word titles on the bars.

8. Flexible Title Fields: Add custom titles such as company names or revenue figures.

9. Background Customization: Enhance the scene with custom background images, floor textures, and lighting setups.

10. Data Normalization: Normalize data to maintain consistent bar scaling across the visualization.

11. Camera Animation: Create engaging animations by moving the camera through the scene.

12. Material Customization: Choose from a list of materials or specify a file for bar appearance.

13. Font Customization: Change font styles, sizes, and colors for text titles associated with the bars.

14. Interactive 3D View: Interact with the generated bars directly within Blender's 3D viewport.

15. Deletion and Reset Options: Easily delete generated bars or reset the add-on to default settings.

Published 3 months ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0
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