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Gemstones are dazzling creations of nature, prized for their beauty, rarity, and cultural significance. These precious or semi-precious minerals are cut and polished to reveal their vibrant colors, unique patterns, and inherent brilliance.

The proposed file contains a node which allow to obtain proceduralely a rounded or a ovaled gemstone.The various free parameters proposed in the node multiply the combinations. Whether you're an avid jewelry designer, a 3D modeling enthusiast, or a visual artist seeking to add a touch of brilliance to your creations, this procedural addon opens up many possibilities.

The different parameters are :

- Table order

- Girdle size

eg below a gem with different girdle size

- Pavilion (with depth = heigh of the pavilion)

- Excentricity

-  The break facets( = default)

eg below a gem with different break facets level

-  The color

Published about 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
License Royalty Free
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