Garden Painter

by nattawat in Modifier Setups


is an asset pack with 30 kinds of plants and 1 moth model.

All are animated and have high-res texture. I take photos from every leaf by myself, so you can use them as a 2d element in your work to.

in this asset pack, you'll have geometry node base plant placer

that you can draw the plants on the surface of the ground 
and you can also adjust size, density,rotation and more


how to enable paint mode 1 any plant specie in PLANT PRESET 

2.right click on PLANT PRESET then click on Select Objects

(this will select all the object in collection so you can use multiple plants at once but you can also use only 1 too)

3.Go to Edit Mode

The Basic Paint

1.After you in Edit Mode go to Draw tool (if not appeared press T on your keyboard)

2.Select the species of plant from the list

3.Hold left mouse on your ground then draw a lasso area for plant to grow


to delete put your mouse cursor over the plant you want to delete then press L to select the whole lasso press X to delete then select Vertices

Geometry Node Parameters

you can adjust the size density and more in Geometry Node Parameter 

you have to select the plant you want to adjust then change the value in parameter

align to ground is align the rotation of plant to follow the surface of the ground

**If the align to ground is disabled you shouldn't increase the rotation value too much**


the plants will always follow the ground shape.

If you want to use your custom ground you can select in geometry node 

The Recommend Ground

should be low poly ,not complex and no overlap 

complex high poly ground can affect the performance

you can use both in the scene by hide the low poly one when render :)

here is the list of species of all plant

Arrowhead Vine ,Bird of paradise ,7 kind of grass ,Calendula ,Cape Periwinkle ,Centella Asiatica ,Culantro ,Devil's Ivy ,4 kind of fern ,Galangal ,Grail ,Lotus ,Papyrus ,Polkadot plant ,River Spiderwort ,Screw pine ,Snake plant ,Taro ,Water hyacinth ,Water spinach,Waterkanon ,Wild spider flower and 1moth(for extra realism)

For the license you can use this as asset in your scene for game, film, animation, or any commercial use, but you can't resell the product itself or pirated it, same as the texture you can use it for matte paint, concept art, 2d art work. For the geometry node, you can use it in any of your project.

***sky(starlight addon) and 3d scan ground not include in this product***

Contact for support 

introduction and tutorials

quick tutorial


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Published about 2 years ago
Blender Version 3.0, 3.1
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Animated, Textured
License Royalty Free
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