Cans Garbage 24 Types - Pbr Assetkit

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Garbage Cans Beverage 24 Types - PBR AssetKit

The textures are set up for easy customisation.
Exchange a can layout in the base color texture with your own can layout and you are ready to render your own cans in minutes.
On top of the damaged and grunge variants you will find clean textures in the package as well as undamaged can geometry.
You have a full set of 4k textures and 1k textures in the package, I also included my PBR wet concrete material you see in the renderings.

All meshes are clean and ready for subdivision, on top a low poly variant with triangulation is included if you need very performant assets.

- Can_Beverage_Undamaged 500ml - SubDiv
- Can_Beverage_Undamaged - SubDiv
- Can_Beverage_Damaged_01 - SubDiv
- Can_Beverage_Damaged_02 - SubDiv
- Can_Beverage_Damaged_03 - SubDiv

- Can_Beverage_Undamaged 500ml - Triangulated
- Can_Beverage_Undamaged - Triangulated
- Can_Beverage_Damaged_01 - Triangulated
- Can_Beverage_Damaged_02 - Triangulated
- Can_Beverage_Damaged_03 - Triangulated

All follwing textures come in 4k and 1k for each type of wear and tear + undamaged clean and undamaged grunge variants

- Base Color A
- Base Color B
- Base Color C
- Base Color D
- Roughness
- Metalness
- Normal Clean (Only geometry and sculpt normals)
- Normal DX
- Normal GL
- Specular
- Glossiness
- Curvature
- AO

Textures additional:
- HDR Environment - The one from the renderings
- Ground Wet Concrete Material - 2 Types, Dry + Wet (Color, Roughness, Normals)

Enjoy rendering!

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Blender Version 2.79
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