Game Ready Ar-15 Weapon Course

by StellarWorks in Modeling


In this Course, you will be shown the methods in creating an optimized, Game Ready AR-15 in Blender 3D. You will learn how to go though the processes of using reference, making the model, remeshing, baking down details and texturing.  In the course, the addons Boxcutter and Hard Ops are used as well as a few other addons but it is 100% not required to have in order to follow along with the course! Other methods of achieving the final result will be shown too!  

Who is this course for?

Anyone Experienced with Blender!

This course was created for those who want to create a Game Ready weapon, optimized for most Game engines. The Course will show both the use of Blender methods as well as other programs such as Marmoset Toolbag and Z-brush.

What's in the course?

  • Using reference to create needed shapes.
  • Boolean use and clean up.
  • Topology optimization.
  • Re-mesh for High Poly bake.
  • Baking and UV optimization.
  • Alternative ways to Re-mesh and Bake.
  • The use of Z-Brush, Marmoset and Substance Painter 2021.
  • Texturing in Substance Painter.
  • Export and rendering of final results in Blender.


 This course was designed by Stellar, and made possible with the collaboration of NightHawk, and is 8 hours and 58 minutes in total. The modelling phase is broken up into different parts for convenience. The full process and alternatives to achieve the final result are all part of the course and there will be future added content.


In closing, you should achieve making an game ready AR-15 using the addons Boxcutter and Hardops, as well as Substance Painter, Marmoset and Z-Brush, or alternatives.

       Addons Used In Blender 2.9x:

  • Boxcutter_718_x
  • HardOps_987_Francium
  • SnappingPies
  • Looptools(native)
  • ShotPacker

Made and created by Stellar-tech Industries In collaboration with NightHawk

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