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  • andreas
    about 4 years ago

    The product video gives you an idea what you can create with this FX shader. But the real magic begins with complex objects and different shader animation settings. You can create stunning looking "Tron" effects in MINUTES ! The possibilities bring your imagination to the next level. And of course it works in Eevee, and that means it is superfast.

    The settings are really easy, so you will have no problem to achieve what you desire. I am always fascinated what people are able to create. So i can't wait to see what the creator will create in the future. I hope such products get enough attention. There are a lot of add ons out there, which are totally underrated. So it is understandable, if creators don't put further efforts in.

    User ratings would help a lot to motivate creators. And motivated creators are good for the users and the blender community. So i hope i can motive others to rate more products. It is good for us all. :)

    I know it is a little bit off topic, but there is no other way to express that.
    However, thank you for that great product.

    • 3DVision

      about 4 years ago

      Thank you very much, you've explained things very well. As a designer I can confirm that it is a real source of encouragement when our products are rated by users.
      For example, I had subscribed to the research for the development of the Car-Rig Pro 1.3 Rig kit, after some users took the time to rate this product and share their animation renderings with me on the Discord server, this encouraged me to resume its development and now it is available in version 1.6. with many improvements.

      To sum up when you rate a product, you extend its life span and increase your chances to receive updates.

  • John Lee
    about 4 years ago

    Watching the demo video you can see this thing is gorgeous. The effects are extremely high quality and easy to use once you figure out the interface. The minimum system requirements say Windows 10, but it seems to run fine on Windows 7. Studying the setup revealed things that I can use in other projects, from color adjustments in the compositor to the lighting setup in the 3d viewport.
    Here are some fun tests that I made immediately after purchasing the shader:
    Also, a side note, if you press play in the default file, you may not see any effects appear on the main text even if you scrub the animation property in the shader. I had to scrub the "x" property under the location settings to get the effect to appear, which wasn't mentioned in the documentation.
    Otherwise, the shaders are fantastic!

    • 3DVision

      about 4 years ago

      Thank you very much for your opinion, this is the first time that one of my products is rated so quickly.
      I have taken your feedback into account and updated the "Blend" file by adding the "Radial-Electric" shader to the default text, this will allow users to do a test rendering directly.
      I'll also update the data sheet to indicate compatibility with "windows 7".
      You can join this Discord server if you want to share other creation with us : https://discord.gg/teGthPM
      Thanks, see you soon!

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