Furnishing 1.4. - Furniture Pack - Ultimate Furniture Collection + Future Updates - Free Furniture By Dimensiva

by 3D SHAKER in Models

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  • Doğan Aydın
    5 days ago

    I just had to drop you a quick line to say a big thank you for all the fantastic assets you've created for Blender. The quality of your work and the attention to detail are truly impressive. These assets have made a huge difference to my projects and have made my workflow much more efficient. Your high-resolution models and realistic materials have given my projects a professional look. Additionally, by using these assets, I have saved a lot of time.

    Your passion for your art and your profession is so evident in every asset you produce. I'm truly grateful for that, and I can't wait to see what you create next! Thank you for sharing such valuable assets with the Blender community.

  • Micah
    27 days ago

    Great looking items and very complete collection. But most VR browser programs only accept glb's and his pack does not convert at all. I am begging you to allow us to purchase glb files with the textures already baked. Take my money right away. Respond to this comment with a way for us to talk and I will pay directly.

  • Daniel Klopper
    about 2 months ago

    Thank you for this. do feel like the file structures need to be cleaned up. Im not sure what is new or what is already part of the catalog. Some of the items already exist and its not very clear.

  • Magomed 3d
    about 2 months ago

    I'm so glad I decided to buy 3D Shaker models in this huge collection! The range and quality are outstanding. I love I can find exactly what I need for my projects, and the level of detail is impressive. Thank you for providing such a fantastic resource!

  • Joel
    3 months ago

    Models are generally acceptable, though the count (and more importantly, screen real estate in the asset browser) is inflated by making what could be simple material/geometry-node toggles be entirely separate entries. Some of the textures could be overhauled, they are not always in line with model quality. This company also loves to send emails which are advertisements masquerading as free updates to a purchased product, and it isn't made clear the update isn't for what you actually have purchased until you click the link. Truly shameful behavior in my opinion, and the primary reason I won't be purchasing further content from 3D Shaker.

    • Ján Morek

      3 months ago

      Hi Joel!
      I hope you are doing well.
      Thank you for your time and comment.
      We do appreciate it a lot and actually, in the newest version, it is solved
      (available soon).

      In our team, we ensure that we send emails to customers who are subscribed and interested in the free updates we are adding. Yes, we are currently updating numerous products, including some older collections you may not have purchased before, and contacting our customer base about it. I can contact BlenderMarket for you, to ensure you do not receive these updates or you can do it on your own.

      When it comes to the quality of single models included you can contact us directly by the Contact Creator option - and we will try to solve it.

      Is there anything else I can help you with?
      Let us know!

  • Luca
    3 months ago

    excellent product, the modeling is accurate and the textures are in good resolution.
    Two things could be improved, many objects have a center point that does not correspond to their geometry, and almost the entire collection of blankets is difficult to manage, as they are already folded and arranged for a specific type of sofa.

    • Ján Morek

      3 months ago

      Thank you, Luca!
      Thank you for your kind words and suggestions. We do appreciate it a lot!
      I hope you enjoy our collection and also free updates.

      We are also sharing artworks created using our models so if you are interested you can send us your render to 3dshaker@gmail.com
      Have a nice day!

  • Hgntrung
    4 months ago

    Great collection of high quality Product

    • Ján Morek

      3 months ago

      Thank you very much for your kind words!
      We are improving for you!

  • Mattt
    4 months ago

    Fantastic assets, the very best around here!

  • Joe Morris
    6 months ago

    The models are top notch every detail is finely crafted... I was very impressed with the craftsmanship the materials and every nuance of these pieces made me know they would fit nicely into any archviz super realistic scene

    • Ján Morek

      3 months ago

      Thank you, Joe!
      We are always proud to see our models in your renders!

  • Alex
    6 months ago

    Super happy with the value of this package. One thing I'd like to see more of though is the decoration assets, it feels quite limited, so would love to see this expanded on in future updates with the other (excellent) decoration packs 3Dshaker offers.

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