Friendly Shade Bundle 01

by Friendly Shade in Surfacing

World's Finest Scanned Textures

From the smallest grain of sand to the largest road. We cover everything ensuring the most two important things: ultra-high details and huge areas! Friendly Shade provides high-end scanned textures carefully crafted and designed to meet the highest standards for demanding 3d artists. 

High-Detailed Displacements

It takes a lot to be the best texture website on the market. We’ve reached more than 1 billion polygons in the raw mesh of just a single texture, giving you unprecedented quality

Accurately Delighted Albedo Maps

Diffuse maps are still ok but sometimes they have unwanted shadows and reflections that makes the surface look unrealistic. Friendly Shade’s albedo maps provide you highly accurate and unbeatable color information.

                                                   DIFFUSE                                       ALBEDO

Full Range Of Texture Maps

Detail, power and beauty. All in a single set that provides you all the maps you need to get a photorealistic look on your project.

   - Albedo

   - Diffuse

   - Gloss

   - Ambient Occlusion

   - Displacement

   - Normal

   - Subsurface Scattering

   - Alpha

   - Metalness

Bundle 01

Our premiere bundle features 27 sets of scanned textures from all over the world. From the mountains of Machu Picchu and the cities of Colombia, the beaches of Florida and the streets of Serbia, We don’t leave aside any awesome texture that will elevate your project to the next level.

Files Included

Bundle 01 detailed information. 

Renders by Artists Using Friendly Shade

Lonely Cat by Myo Zuko

Blueberries by IPD3D

Lukas Walzer from UP Design Studio

Marcin Lusnia from P&M Studio

Aleksandar Stefanovic from Creatorz Deitz Studio

Kristian Turner from Recom Farmhouse Ltd.

What people are saying

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"Friendly Shades continually sets a high bar for quality when it comes to scan data. With very high resolution maps that are always crisp, Friendly Shade has quickly become one of my go to source for reference and inspiration."

Joshua Lynch
Senior Enviroment Artist, Red Storm Entertaiment

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"We would like to thank Friendly Shade for this! The quality of the textures is beyond what any 3d artist could have wished for! Amazing depth, sharpness, and representation of concrete and road textures."

Aleksandar Stefanovic
Art Director, Creatorz Deitz

"These textures are extremely good! Every set is well balanced with a huge amount of detail and information captured, I've just never seen anything like this. The hype is real, they are simply flawless and deserve no less than a 10/10."

Dmitriy Ten
CGI Artist, Mastering CGI

"Fine detail is what we thrive on - perfecting every aspect of a full CGI project is what brings it fully to life. If you have not come across the work of Sebastian Zapata yet then you should. He has begun a texture library called Friendly Shade that is quickly expanding with some of the highest quality maps you will find anywhere"

Kristian Turner
Head of CGI, Recom Farmhouse Ltd

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Published about 6 years ago
Blender Version 2.79
License Royalty Free
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