by OuChiang in Addons

Do you often use NodeEditor? Whether you use GeometryNode or ShaderEditor, many people will use FrameNode to organize nodes, but when the nodes are complex and huge, do you feel it's still hart to find your FrameNode? At this time, you can try this addon called FrameFocus

FrameFocus is an addon that will display all FrameNodes on the SideBar, along with their colors and labels. You can quickly find the FrameNode you want through this list, and you can modify their properties, or focus on them. This way, you can edit  your nodes more efficiently.

At the same addon,FrameFocus also provides a pannel for setting color to the nodes which you selected.And you can save your favorite colors to presets.

If you are a user who uses node editor, then FrameFocus is a very practical addon, which can make your node management more efficient and convenient.

Published 5 months ago
Blender Version 3.3, 3.4
License GPL
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