Ford F100 1976 New Blue

by Rey in Models

The asset is made using separated textures sets for make more optimized customization if it is needed. Textures sets as follows:

-          Exterior(4k texture).

-          Interior(2k texture).

-          Headlights(2k texture with transparency).

-          Indicators(2k texture with transparency).

-          Wheels(2k texture).

-          Decals(2k texture with transparency).

-          Glass(2k texture with transparency including windows and interior glass).

All these parts can be easily replaced without have any optimization issue. This asset was made using the highest standards of optimization of the industry and it can be used on any modern game engine.

All the asset is made using descriptive names following a naming convention:

-          Textures(.tga): T_(Asset Name)_(Texture Set Name)_(Map Name)

o   Diffuse map name: _D

o   OpenGL normal map name: _GL_N

o   DirectX normal map name: _DX_N

o   Metallic map name: _M

o   Roughness map name: _R

o   Ambient Occlusion map name: _O

o   Custom combined map(Ambient Occlusion, Roughness,Metallic ) map name: _ORM

-          Geometry: geo_(Asset Name)_(Functional Part Name)

o   Functional Part Name:

§  Left door: _doorL

§  Right door: _doorR

§  Steering wheel: _steeringwheel

§  Front left wheel: _wheelFL

§  Front right wheel: _wheelFR

§  Rear left wheel: _wheelRL

§  Rear right wheel: _wheelRR

§  Direction left: _directionL

§  Direction right: _directionR

§  Body: _body


-          Bone: b_(bone name)

o   There is a bone for each functional geometry part using the same name as the geometry part.

-          Files: (File type name)_(Asset Name)

o   Static mesh type name: M_

o   Skeletal mesh type name: SM_

-          Materials: m__(Asset Name)_(Texture Set Name)

Published 2 months ago
Blender Version 3.0
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Rigged, Animated, Low-High-Resolution, Textured
License Royalty Free
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