Forceps Tweezer Pincette - Medical Instruments

by AssetKit in Models

Environment HDRI is included

Every model here is ready for subdivision
The Forceps types have high res topology, but may easily be reduced if needed.
The tweezers are low poly and are game ready.

The textures are high res 4k.

- Forceps Pincette, large, fine
- Forceps Pincette, small, broad
- Forceps Pincette, medium, broad
- Forceps Pincette, medium, bend
- Forceps Pincette, swabs, straight
- Forceps Pincette, swabs, bend
- Pincette small
- Pincette regular
- Pincette large, bend
- Pincette large, bend, high detail

- Diffuse
- Roughness