Footprint Roughness Maps

by spettsart in Surfacing

Footprint Roughness Maps

Here's a collection of seamless and non-seamless Roughness maps I've been creating of footprints. Some were made with charcoal (dusty) and the other half are paint (wet).

(New additions/updates listed further down)

Please download the sample pack containing some 1K Textures and contact sheet PDFs with thumbnails of every file included with each pack, in case you want a complete visual of what kind of textures are in each pack.

*Most of these are better used as roughness maps, but of course they can be used as masks, bump, in photoshop, or anything else you find use for. In the 'Professional Packs' there are some folders containing displacement maps, better for mud, snow, sand, etc.

**In the Essential/Professional Packs, the majority of these textures are unique, but a few have blurred versions (not counted in total advertised number). These alternate versions would be more suitable for different 'wetter' material types, ie- mud tracks or water prints.

**In the 'Professional Packs', I included the 'RAW' scans that were used to make the finished maps. They are cleaned up and usable, but arent as refined as the main textures. So some files marked 'RAW_' will look like duplicates of the others but are still useful if you want some of the imperfections left in the original scans.

What You'll Get:

Sample Pack:
- Contact sheets showing texture thumbnails available in all packs.
- 4 Texture samples with 1K Resolution.

Essential Pack:
- Contact sheets showing texture thumbnails available in all packs.
- 5 Seamless and Non-Seamless Textures of 'Dusty' Footprints.
- 14 Seamless and Non-Seamless Textures of 'Wet' Footprints.
- 19 Total 2K Resolution Textures.

Professional Pack:
- Contact sheets showing thumbnails of all textures.
- 14 Seamless and Non-Seamless Textures of 'Dusty' Footprints.
- 46 Seamless and Non-Seamless Textures of 'Wet' Footprints.
- 9 Seamless Displacement Maps of Footprints.
- 8 Seamless Normal Maps converted from some of the other Textures/Displacements (v2).
- 77+ Total 8K Resolution Textures.

*All texture files are .png format.

Updated 6/14/22 (v2):
Cleaned up a few of the maps that had some flaws.
Added 8 Normal Map variations to the Professional/Studio Packs.
Updated the contact sheets in each pack.

You are free to use this for any personal or commercial project, except for resell.
Please include credit with any type of project.

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