Foot Lock

by Red Belly Media in Addons

Introducing Foot Lock Blender Add-on – the ultimate solution for eliminating foot sliding in your mocap animations! Foot sliding is a common challenge in lower budget mocap setups, often resulting in a lot of foot sliding in the animation. But with Foot Lock, you can quickly lock your character's feet in place, and easily adjust the locks duration.

With just a few clicks, Foot Lock empowers you to edit mocap data quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you're using Kinects with iPiSoft Motion Capture Studio or any other mocap system, Foot Lock is your go-to tool for achieving professional-quality mocap foot cleanup.


  • Simple Design: With just three buttons, seamlessly lock your character's feet in place during animation, eliminating foot sliding with ease
  • Intuitive NLA Strip Creation: Automatically generate a Non Linear Animation (NLA) Strip, enabling simple adjustment of the lock duration directly within the Non Linear Animation Workspace.
  • Customizable Duration: Easily edit the duration of the foot lock by adjusting the scale of the NLA Strip, offering precise control over animation timing.
  • Fine-Tune Foot Position: Conveniently adjust the location and rotation of the empty object associated with the foot lock, allowing for meticulous refinement of foot placement.
  • Non-Destructive Workflow: Edit animations in a non-destructive manner, safeguarding the integrity of the original mocap data while refining your characters foot placement.
  • Compatible with both IK and FK Rigs: Can be used with either IK or FK rigs, or a combination of both.
  • Compatibility Across Setups: Compatible with various mocap setups, including Kinects and iPiSoft Motion Capture Studio, ensuring versatility and ease of integration with your preferred tools.


Unlock the power of easy mocap foot animation refinement with the Foot Lock Blender Addon – simplify your workflow, achieve precise animations, and preserve the integrity of your original mocap data with non-destructive editing capabilities.

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