Flux Capacitor

by anfeonet in Models

This models was made for all the fan of the film Back to the Future. Not more to add, if you love the film, you love this gadget ad if you are a maker and you want to make a real Flux Capacitor, you have to buy this because is ad accurate starting point for measurement and materials.File objects: Layer 1: Flux_led1 Solenoid1 Clip1 Clip3 Solenoid3 Flux_led3 Solenoid_part_3 Solenoid_part2 Solenoid_conn2 Camera Tube4 Tube3 Tube2 Internal_support Light_internal Label Flux_led2 Spark_tube_1 Sparck_plug1 Solenoid_conn1 Solenoid_conn_3 Spark_plug3 Sperk_tube3 Tube1 Glass Glass_Tube Box Spark_tube2 Spark_plug_1 Solenoid_2 Clip2.001 Material list: Background before Black_Gum Black_plastic Brass Chrome Copper disconnect Emit Flat_gray Flux Flux_emit Glass Glass_solenoid Grey_plastic Intern_emit Iron Label_solenoid Metal_tube Orange_plastic Shield Shine_metal_tube Steel Support Traslucent Yellow_gum   Image List: before-opening1.jpg clip.jpg disconnect-capacitor-drive1.jpg front.png Granelli_di Polvere.tga J1210HPL.jpg Render Result shield-eyes-from-light1sm.jpg SOLENOID.tga SOLENOID_bump.tga Istructions to import:

  • Press SHIFT+F1 or select "Append..." from File menĂ¹.
  • Navigate to the Flux_Capacitor.blend and click on it.
  • Click on Group and select "Flux Capacitor", then press "Append From Library"

Bonus: You can find 4 script in the .blend file (if you don't have familiar look with the Python Scripting, don't run the scritp!).