Fluent Catalyst - Geometry Nodes Ui And Library System

by CG Thoughts in Addons

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A unique way to use your geometry nodes based assets.
Build your own adjustment menu without development skills.
Build and manage your own libraries that you can reuse or sell.

A unique way to adjust geometry node based object

  • Adjust the object directly from the viewport with a neat menu and simple horizontal mouse move.

  • Tired of endless input lists? Arrange the parameters in sub-menus by theme.

  • Blender's sliders lack finesse? The add-on automatically adjusts the sensitivity of its scale parameters
  • Copy/past settings from any already added assets with the “Reuse” function
  • One-click reset function
  • No shortcut, if you already have Fluent Modeler, you can start the edition directly from the pie menu.

A built-in hard surface asset library

The add-on comes with 13 parametric assets which replace more than 100 assets.

“An asset to rule them all” Rudy alias CG Thoughts.

Potentiometer, 13 parameters

Fan, 14 parameters

Vent, 14 parameters

All assets list on documentation

Create your own library

Create custom menus and sub-menu for any assets based on Geometry Nodes in a few seconds.

Configure the menus, where you want your asset, and the add-on takes care of the rest for you, generating the menu, rendering the preview, and adding it to the library.

Menu creation for any geometry nodes based assets

Exemple with feather made by Meown

Share or sell your library

Once you created your library it is straightforward to make a ZIP out of it and share or sell it online.
Any user of Catalyst will be able to us it.

Active support and community

After the purchase, you are not alone! A large community is always happy to help you and a lot is going on on the Discord server (lien vers le discord). Everyone has to start somewhere and having people with different experiences, contributes to making the Fluent addons easier to use and improving them update after update.


  • Be able to export an asset and its menu in Asset Management and KitOps add-ons.
  • Improve and complete the basic library.
  • Icons for your menus.
  • Hear your feedback !
Sales 400+
Customer Ratings 8
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Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4
License GPL
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