Flourish Motion Graphics Asset Package

by bluepython in Models

A simple motion graphics package of various flourish and shape designs. They’re flat, 2d mesh objects with subsurf modifiers, shapekeys and drivers (for animating the designs), attached to a custom property.

Simply append a collection of the flourish meshes from the file and keyframe the custom property's numerical slider to “grow” the mesh as you see fit. Quickly add various flourishes to your animation project. Combine different ones to create your own designs and shapes. Add elegant highlights to your project without hassling with building something from scratch.

The designs are UV unwrapped as a whole (all designs were unwrapped together, i.e. nonoverlapping), so you can add your own materials and textures and play with UV’s as well.

You can use a solidify modifier to make them 3d, however there are no guarantees on results when adding solidify with a bevel modifier. They seem to work in a limited capacity with the bevel, however it may produce unexpected results and may need some tweaking. There are disabled solidify and bevel modifiers already added to each design you can play with.

Also, it is recommended you keyframe a flourish as "hidden from render" at the first frame or couple (at the beginning of its growth) if you use a solidify modifier. This is because the vertices go to a single point, they don’t technically disappear/hide from view. So they still solidify from a single point. I kept this feature off the custom property, in case someone wanted to keyframe "hidden from render" for other purposes.

Note: these were made with shapekeys, so the animation on some won’t be completely rigid, but have a more organic result. You can view the youtube video to see all of them in action.

Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.81
Render Engine Used Eevee
License Royalty Free
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