Flock Generator

by Joshua Börner in Modifier Setups

Create Massive Bird Flocks With High Performance!

Give your environments the final realistic touch with FlockGenerator, effortlessly adding massive, customizable bird flocks to your scenes.


  • Drag and Drop: Simply add bird flocks to your scenes straight from the asset browser.

  • High Performance: Specially optimised models and geometry nodes setup allow for massive flocks with thousands of birds without compromising performance.

  • Low-Poly Realism: Designed for large-scale scenes, the low-poly models maintain a realistic appearance from afar, perfect for creating expansive, lively environments.
  • Curve-Guided Motion: The Geometry Nodes Setup allows you to customise the flight paths of your flock with editable curves for complete control over movement and formation.

FlockGenerator comes with several presets including:
  • Seagulls: Ideal for coastal and seaside environments.
  • Doves: Perfect for urban and rural settings.
  • Crows: Add an atmospheric touch to eerie or mysterious scenes.

More bird types will be added based on feedback and requests!

FlockGenerator combines simplicity and high performance with powerful customization options, ensuring that both beginners and experienced Blender users can effortlessly enhance their projects.

Please Note:

  • This is an asset pack containing bird models and geometry nodes assets, not an addon, please don't try to install it. 
    (instead simply add the blend file to your asset library for quick access in all your projects)
  • The flocks are designed for continuous flight and do not land or take off.
  • The low-poly models are designed to maintain a realistic appearance from afar; they appear less detailed and realistic when observed up close. This tradeoff ensures high performance on a larger scale.
  • The flight animation is merely rotating the wings in a convincing way. There is no deformation on the models. This, again, ensures high performance and allows for massive flocks.
  • Tutorial coming soon!

Please feel free to share any thoughts, suggestions, or questions by using the 'Ask a Question' button. I'll be more than happy to improve the product based on your input!

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Published about 1 month ago
Blender Version 4.1
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