Flaxtrax - Automated Camera Tracking

by Axel Olsson in Addons

Tutorial: FlaxTrax Addon Tutorial

What is it?

FlaxTrax is a fully-automated tracking and solving add-on written in python. Designed to eliminate the tedious tasks associated with tracking and solving, it automatically adds trackers, adjusts motion tracking settings, processes the entire footage, resolves the tracked footage, removes poor trackers, applies filters, and takes multiple steps to achieve your desired solve error.


-Automaticaly place trackers on details in images.

-Automaticaly track the placed trackers.

-Automaticaly find correct focal length.

-Automaticaly solve the trackers motion.

-Automaticaly clean up bad tracks.

-Automaticaly filter trackers.

-Automaticaly adjust for the optimal track settings (except you get to decide the pattern size and the search size of the trackers)

-Automaticaly keep more than requiered trackers at all the frames in the footage.

-Automaticaly sets the length of the tracked footage to match your original footage.

-Automaticaly apply recommended settings.

-All in one click-

How do you use it?

1. Set the pattern size and search size for the trackers. Recommended values are 60 for pattern size and 130 for search size, but these may vary based on your footage.

2. Specify a reasonably accurate focal length (within ±15).

3. Copy and paste the name of your sequence to inform the add-on which image sequence you wish to track.

4. Determine your desired target solve error.

5. Enable the "Auto Focal Length" to automatically find the correct focal length.

6. Finally, click on the 'Automatically Track Footage' button.

In summary:

Set pattern & search size, define focal length, input image sequence name, set target solve error, enable "Auto Focal Length", and press autotrack!

Enhance your workflow with lightning speed! The tracking and solving process conducts thousands of calculations in just 5-25 minutes, which normally could take hours. Save time and enhance efficiency with our FlaxTrax!

Where can you find it?

It's located in the side panel within the motion track area in Blender. For a detailed guide, refer to the tutorial video.

How do you install it?

After downloading the zip file, install it through the 'Add-ons' menu in Blender's properties (Do not unzip the zipped folder).


One current restriction of the addon is that the footage to be tracked cannot include moving objects relative to the scene. It may work with moving objects that only occupy a small portion of the scene, which does not have the same impact on the solve. 

Examples: A moving car that occupies a large portion of the camera's focus will not work. However, trees and small flags in the background will work. The addon is compatible with advanced camera movements.

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Blender Version 3.6, 4.0
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