Fire Extinguisher

by Peter Sandbacka in Models

Fire Extinguisher

Put some life into your architectural renders with a shiny fire extinguisher. Standard safety equipment is everywhere in real life so why not add some to your renders as well. I know I feel safer having one in my home.


  • Basic hand-held powder fire extinguisher suitable for most fires. A great choice for home and workplace. Comes with wall mount and screws and even a quality check sticker ready to be put into your scene.
  • Materials for Cycles and LuxRender each in separate .blend files to keep things clean.
  • High poly version (57000 triangles with applied modifiers) for your close up renders and low poly version (3000 triangles) suitable as background object.
  • 2048px resolution textures (diffuse, bump and roughness) for the high poly version and 256px (diffuse) for the low poly version.
Published about 9 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
License Royalty Free
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