Finger Spider (Animated)

by Keith Morgan in Models

NEW and Exclusive in v1.1.0:

  • ‘Valet’ Add-on added for 2.7X and 2.8 that replaces and improves the utility scripts from v1.0.0. For full details, view the README packed in the .blend.
  • Fixed some animation glitches in the walk cycle
  • Read-Me in .blend for full details

Take over the world with a spider made COMPLETELY of human parts. Originally drafted during #SculptJanuary18, the Finger Spider is a monster that only knows two things: locomotion, and sheer uncanny fright. Now fully realized, it is ready to take action and weave a web full of fear, food crumbs, and hand sanitizer.

....And just to verify how truly visceral the public reactions to this model have been, here is just some of the feedback I received online while developing the character:

  • "I [expletive] hate it, but a small part of me wants to pet it..."
  • "I need this as a mount. In game AND in real life. This is simultaneously terrifying and amazing."
  • "Dear god. Do you need to talk?"


  • Base mesh with 4 texture maps:
    • Diffuse (2k)
    • Roughness (2k)
    • Normal (4k)
    • AO (2k)
  • .blend file, fully rigged (walk cycle included!) Be sure to read the packed README in the .blend for full explanations
  • Valet Add-On for 2.7X and 2.8
    • Adds buttons to the shape key panel that let you bake your driver-based shape keys down to keyframes for rendering/exporting.
  • .obj .mtl version of the model included
  • Cycles material has an included component to quickly paint the fingernail on the main finger

Use the Valet Toolkit to non-destructively bake and work with driver-based shape keys


  • Add additional texture maps for different skin tones
  • Appendable nail accessories to customize your spider to your needs (acrylic nail tips, etc.)
  • Additional script functionality to toggle drivers on the rig. Be sure to consult the updated ReadMe in the .blend for updates and tips for v1.1.0.
Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 5 years ago
Blender Version 2.78, 2.79
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
License Royalty Free
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