Final Lut

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Simplify Your Color Grading

in Blender

  • Experience Real-Time Color Mastery
  • Use LUTs in viewport
  • Use your own LUT files

Final LUT is designed to enhance your creative workflow effortlessly. It introduces an authentic LUT (Look-Up Table) integration, enabling you to apply and preview LUTs in real-time within your viewport.
Ideal for both enthusiasts and professionals, Final LUT simplifies your color grading, allowing you to remain within Blender, avoiding the hassle of using additional software.

What is a LUT?

A LUT (Look-Up Table) in color grading is an industry-standard tool that maps one set of colors to another, enabling precise color adjustments and creative effects.

How does it work ?

Each R,G,B component of the original picture will be converted as coordinates to find the corresponding color in the LUT map.

Add your own LUT files:

  • Import any standard *.cube file
  • All files will be stored in your library for future reuse

Simplified LUT Workflow:

Final LUT stands out as an add-on integrated into the Blender compositor.
Leave behind complex installation workarounds and embrace a streamlined color grading experience.

Color Management:

  • Modulate the LUT effect  without opening the compositor using the LUT Factor
  • Choose you color space between Agx Base sRGB, Filmic sRGB or sRGB right inside the panel
    (For now, other color spaces are not recommended)

Custom thumbnails:

  • Use your render or 3d view as thumbnails
  • Viewport capture (EEVEE only)
  • Last render capture

Extensive Package:

  • All-in-one solution
  • More than 60 *.cube files from (CC0) , ready to use out of the box


  • Import any *.cube file generated from Davinci, Premiere, etc
  • Download *.cube files from internet

LUT library management:

  • Sort thumbnails by names or attributes.
Filter by:
  • Names
  • Favorite
  • Predefined attributes

Main Features:

  • Simple installation (no need to restart Blender or tweak its configuration files)
  • Quick LUT installation (add and store your own LUT files)
  • Easy to use
  • Sort and filter features to quickly focus on relevant LUT
  • Quick controls from the 3D viewport

Known Limitations and useful informations:

  • This addon is a bypass of the default Blender color management, some settings may be conflicting.
    Improvements will be implemented in future versions.

  • The current color conversion uses trilinear interpolation,
    Tetrahedral interpolation will come in a future update.

  • According to most LUT settings, the output color range will be in LDR (Low Dynamic Range)
    So, the LUT setup should always be the last step before the Composite node output.

Future Features:

  • Dithering
  • Split View
  • Tetrahedral interpolation
  • .cube files creation from compositor
  • ... and more

    Contact us at for any feature request.


Some samples pictures:

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