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NO MORE Rendering Failures!

This addon detects problems in your project and make your render successful. [v.0.2.2 Compatible with Blender 4.0 or later.]

A list of problematic items appears.


Do you ever have to re-render your scene because of a small mistake?
This addon detects various problems of your project and suggest corrections.
Check with a single button and fix problems at once.


Compatible Blender Versions

Blender 2.90 or later


English, Japanese


Install downloaded zip file from Edit -> Preferences... -> Add-ons -> Install...
You don't have to extract zip file.


  1. Open Sidebar in 3D Viewport.
  2. In FinalCheck Panel, hit Check button.
  3. A list of problematic items appears.
    In Preferences sub-panel, you can toggle which items will be checked. These preferences are saved automatically.

[New!] Checking automatically when rendering is available.

Check Items
  • Collections Visibility: Compare visibility of collections in viewport and render.
  • Objects Visibility: Compare visibility of objects in viewport and render.
  • Missing Files: Check image path validity.
  • Render Region: Check if Render Region is not set.
  • Resolution%: Check if Resolution% is greater than or equal to 100%.
  • Samples: Check if render samples are greater than or equal to preview samples.
  • Instancing: Compare visibility of instancer in viewport and render.
  • Modifiers: Compare visibility of modifiers in viewport and render.
  • Composite (alpha version): Check if inputs of Viewer node and Composite node are the same. This is currently incomplete due to limitations of Blender Python API.
  • Particles:
    • Show Emitter: Compare visibility of particle emitter in viewport and render.
    • Child Amount: Check if child amount of particles in viewport and render are the same.
    • Viewport Display Amount: Check if amount of particles in viewport is 100%.
  • Grease Pencil:
    • Modifiers: Compare visibility of modifiers in viewport and render.
    • Effects: Compare visibility of effects in viewport and render.

You can also choose where to check: all scenes or current scene/view_layer only.


Q: Render result is not what I intended

A: This addon does not detect all problems. Check is based on current frame and does not consider status of other frames.

Q: Check takes a long time

A: Complex file may take longer to check. Try to decrease check items from preference. Checking image paths on network locations may also take time.


If you find bugs or have an improvement, let me know in GitHub Issues or my Twitter. Thanks for using FinalCheck.

You can also download it for free from Gumroad or GitHub.

CHANGELOG is available from here.

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