Ferns Collection - Low Poly

by Oliver M-H in Models

Update, November 16th, 2021:

I'd like to offer these models for free but since that's not possible, 100% of the earnings ($1.00 per sale) are contributed to the blender develeopment fund.

Update, Januar 17th, 2020:

The Ferns Collection has been updated for Blender 2.80.

Low Poly Ferns Collection

The ferns collection is a set of  12 different low poly fern models. These models are carefully designed for real-time use and will work great with any game engine.

This pack includes 4 different types of ferns, for each type there are 3 variants. This ensures to have both, variation but also consistency across all models.

Each of the 12 models is coming with an additional LoD (=Level of Detail) model. Most game engines (such as the Blender Game Engine) have a built-in LoD system which lets you display less detailed versions of the original model at a distance to speed up rendering.

If you are targeting platforms with a tight poly budget, such as mobile phones, you can also use the LoD objects as your primary model.


Technical Information

All models have a valid UV map and do share the same textures (2048x1024 / 1024x512) and material.

The triangle count ranges from 148 up to 312, depending on the type of fern and variant.

Ferns Type 1: 148-222 Tris / 104-156 Verts

Ferns Type 2: 172-276 Tris / 136-221 Verts

Ferns Type 3: 180-288 Tris / 135-214 Verts

Ferns Type 4: 288-312 Tris / 202-224 Verts


Each LoD model features a polygon reduction of at least 50%.



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Blender Version 2.7x, 2.8
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