Female Warrior Rigged For Blender 2.8

by free lancer in Models

Only $5 for the entire August !!!!

This is a very complex Rig for blender 2.8, with over 476 bones !!

This model includes,

  • IK and FK bones 
  • stretching bones on IK you can turn on/off 
  • two bones deformation system on both arms and legs
  • stretching bones everywhere on both arms and legs
  • advanced facial expressions with both shape keys and def bones
  • 15 facial expression poses already included! More coming soon!
  • advanced eye deformation
  • high-quality weight painting
  • muscle deformation on the bicep and the knees
  • advanced foot rolls
  • advanced pivot point on the spine
  • socket rigs everywhere  for arms/hips/neck
  • advanced finger controls 
  • finger poses included - more coming soon 
  • and much more
  • lower cloth sim with softbody -better support coming soon

The mesh has very clean topology perfect for animation, it's unwrapped and textured.

Works with Eevee and Cycles material

initial release:


5/4/2019 update 

v.1.0.1 initial support for finger poses 

add support for soft body sim for lower cloth 

add child of constraint for weapon holds