Fearful Creature3

by Valeria Miller in Models

UE4 Video - https://youtu.be/0h1nZ_dfgRk

Low-poly model of the character Fearful Creature3. Rigged and contains 9 animations. Custom skeleton and Ue4 Skeleton rig. The model has 5 skins, 4 UV sets. All textures 4096x4096, PBR Metall/Rough, include AO, Height map. Blender file has textures and modular materials. Ready for render. Model has separeted meshes.

Package has 2 Blender files with rig (custom from Maya) and without it, Textures pack, animations fbx pack, Ue4 scene, Base meshes, Separeted meshes.

The model has 4 UV sets: Body, Body Parts, Tail, Eyes. Mask Map included. All of those sets can be combined with each other. Also, eyes have a emissive parts that gives possibility include it on every sets or off it. All texture can be compressed to 1024x1024 without loss much quality. Body has one UV and one Mesh, head cannot be removed.

Package has two Blender files with rig (custom from Maya), and without it, UE4 Mannequin rigged,  separedet meshes, Textures pack, animations fbx pack, Base mesh. Also Package has UE4 Scene (4.27) all setup - Materials, Standart animations, Textures. 

Was made in Blender 4.0. Also suits for 4.1 and lower. 

Package contains:

1. Textures (5 skins) png files

2. Blender file1 -Base mesh

3. Blender file2 - Rig from 3dMaya

4. 9 Animations - fbx

5. Base mesh - Fearful Creature3

6. Skeleton ue4 rigged

7. UE4 Scene 

8. Separeted meshes

All in the 1 package with several packages in it

The model contains 9 animations:

Idle (2)

walk (2)

Run (2)

Attack (2)


faces 16795

verts 16890

tris 33174

Additional bones: 



20 mat, 4 on 1 skin

25 textures on 1 skin 

Published about 1 month ago
Blender Version 4.0
Render Engine Used Blender-Internal
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Rigged, Animated, Low-High-Resolution, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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