Fastest Render

by Divine Animation Studio in Addons

Fastest Render attempts to do the daring, challenge the long dreaded prolonged render time by utilises Blender's built in settings and maximising your hardware to speed up the rendering process. In some cases by up to 80% faster.

How to install addon and use: Fastest Render

  1. Click on edit > preferences > addon
  2. Click install addon, search for “Fastest render” usually this is downloaded into the download folder unless specified by user of  a different folder
  3. Click on file “Fastest”
  4. This should pop on list of addon. If not, search fastest render, tick box and save reference
  5. Exit menu all together and look on rightside on the tool menu under render properties tab
  6. Scroll to near the bottom and click dropdown on Fastest render, when you’re ready to render a scene after adjusting the frame count and render output folder, click on your desired render engine: cycles/eevee

Once an render engine is selected the render will start

Note, this addon is for a super quick and straightforward quality render, for anything more complex and intricate it will not be advisable, for instance if you need a certain look or higher resolution, etc. for these you will need to manually play with the settings to achieve that.

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Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.5
License GPL
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